The sun frozen in the fruits.

We have been producing and distributing IQF frozen fruits since 2007.Our factory is located in very charming place – in Braciejowice, near Opole Lubelskie. Here, on the Vistula River the fruits are the best! There are hundreds of hectares of fruit orchards around our company.

Our fruits

Strawberry frozen IQF

Raspberry frozen IQF

Raspberry frozen 
IQF grit

Black currant 

Coloured currant 

Sour cherry
 frozen IQF

How we pack the fruits?


1 x 20 kg

1 x 25 kg

Carton box

1 x 10 kg

Carton box

10 kg with 4 x 2,5 kg
blue or transparent LDPE/HDPE bag

We can print the bags according to the custormer’s pattern and recommendations. 

Our team consists of experienced employees. We take care of constantly improving the qualifications of our employees based on a specially prepared training system. 

Our technological lines are equipped with laser sorter, magnetic baems and metal detector. We have the latest generation devices that allow to very accurately remowe all impurities and sort out elements with defects in shape, color and structure. 

We also have sets of sieves and calibrators that allow to obtain a product of the same size.

Our experienced team guarantees that we obtain a finished product in accordance with the client’s specificity. The packing method depends on the custormer’s guidelines. We also have lines for manual sorting and packing extra class raspberries in bags.